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English Language Prepositions and Examples

about, above, across, after

QUIZ on Prepositions



about above across after

against along amid at

among around anti as

before beneath behind beside

between beyond but by


The table below displays definitions for the prepositions: among, anti, around as, with examples for nouns: building names, place-country names, river, lake and mountain names, people's names, things, date, time, concepts; and pronouns: For practice, use these prepositions with different nouns and pronouns.


prepositions: used with noun types below:

"all on sides"

"in a higher position"


"to the opposite side"


"following behind"

building names
about the building, about White House, about Louvre
above the building, above White House, above Louvre
across the building, across White House, across Louvre
after the building, after White House, after Louvre
place/country names
about New York, about China none across New York, across China after New York, after China
river, lake and mountain names
about the Nile, about Lake Victoria, about the Himalayas
above the Nile, above Lake Victoria, above the Himalayas
across the Nile, across Lake Victoria, across the Himalayas
after the Nile, after Lake Victoria, above the Himalayas
about furniture, about clothes, about trees
above furniture, above clothes, above trees
across the furniture, none for clothes, non for trees
after furniture, after clothes, after trees
about the October 31, 2009 none none after October 31, 2009
about 9 o'clock, about 9 p.m., about 9 a.m.
none none
after 9 o'clock, after 9 p.m., after 9 a.m.
about me, about you
above me, above you
after me, after you
people's names
about Xin, about Mark
above Xin, above Mark
after Xin, after Mark
about love, about money, about economy
above love, above money, above economy
after love after money, after economy




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