What pluses and minuses PayPass cards have

PayPass contactless technology is one the most popular in the world. This technology is relatively new. It gained so much popularity because it lets people to make the payment within the seconds. Though, it is not the only advantage of it.

The PayPass plastics are much in demand today. They allow the customers to make the purchases easier. Though Paypass plastics have numerous benefits, contactless technology has some disadvantages. That is why many people still order classic EMV chip cards.

Advantages of PayPass plastics

There is one major competitive advantage that makes PayPass plastics popular. It is the mechanism of quick payment. Contactless cards allow the buyer simply to put the plastics on the payment terminal. Within the second or two the transaction will be completed.

Though, contactless plastics have other advantages. Here are additional benefits of PayPass credit plastics:

  • Strong security mechanism. Though, many people doubt that the contactless card is secure, it is absolutely safe to pay with it. The contactless technology uses Near Field Communication method of information transmission. This mechanism allows making the purchases with the PayPass if the card’s owner is near with his smartphone. Sometimes people think if the card gets lost the thieves can use the contactless plastic. It is not so. The card won’t work if its owner’s phone is too far from it.
  • It offers benefits. When banks issue new types of cards, they put maximum effort to make it attractive to the clients. Therefore, contactless cards owners usually get many attractive bonuses. The banks try to encourage people to pay for this type of plastics.
  • It is a convenient method of payment. When the client uses PayPass card, he truly economizes his time and effort. The customers who pay with contactless cards are not asked to introduce the PIN code or sign the receipt. That is truly valuable.

These are the main advantages of PayPass plastics. Though, there are many others. Each client should use such type of a card.

Disadvantages of PayPass plastics

PayPass plastics though have some disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  • The bank limits the amount of money that can be used. There is no chance that the client can influence bank’s decision. If a sum of purchase will be higher than the defined limit, the bank will reject the transaction. The person will be asked either to introduce PIN or he will need to withdraw cash.
  • The person can do only small purchases. Because of limit the bank determines, the cardholder can purchase only some inexpensive goods or services.
  • The card works when the person has the smartphone near him. Otherwise, the person can be asked to introduce the Personal Identification Number. Though if a person even does not have a card with him, he can still make contactless payment with the smartphone.

Contactless cards are real innovations in the financial world. It is quite easy to get accustomed to using them. Though, the client has also to keep in mind the disadvantages PayPass plastics have.

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  • John Queen says:

    Hello, I have an acquaintance whose money card from the paypass card has been withdrawn in the subway. He said that there are people who professionally are engaged in streaming and are equipped with the necessary equipment. Therefore, you need to be careful in public transport

  • Howard Austin says:

    Yes, a familiar situation, I also encountered such a fraud since I am closely monitoring my pockets

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