What Bank to Choose in the US in 2018 to Pay Salary to your Employees

When the owner chooses the bank to open salary accounts for his employees, there are several factors he needs to take into consideration:

  • How reputable the financial institution is. In order to check this, it is the best look through financial rating. The higher the rating is the better it is.
  • What account benefits the account holder has. Good banks of America propose to the cards holders many attractive discounts. Every client can get cash back or additional rewards on purchases.
  • What the withdrawal policy the bank follows.
  • It is important to consider the number of ATM available in the city.

These factors each owner has to take into consideration when he chooses the type of account and the bank for transfer the salary to. There are several US banks that offer stable and secure financial accounts for salary transactions.


The best banks to consider

Here are best American banks that are good to choose for salary transaction.

  • Discover. It is one of the oldest but at the same time the most innovative banks in the US. If the owner opens a regular salary account in this financial institution, the employees will benefit of no monthly fee. On top, the majority of credit plastics by Discover offer immense bonuses. The clients get a cash return on purchases and attractive discounts in many shops. The card holders are also entitled to 24/7 clients’ support service.
  • Ally. The bank does not have too long history, but it offers good financial services to his corporate and private clients. The employee can benefit from 0% annual rate and excellent customer service.
  • Chase. It is one of the most reputable providers of financial products and services. The employee will need to pay up to 12 dollars for card maintenance. He will also get 200 dollars welcome bonus. The card is accepted in the US and abroad.

These financial institutions are one of the best to consider when you choose the bank to pay to your employees. The majority of financial institutions make everything possible to minimize the charges and to provide the clients attractive bonuses.


Types of bonuses the employees can get

Cards offer quite good bonuses for all the clients. If an employer chooses the right bank plastic, his employees will enjoy:

  • from 1 to 3 percent of money return on each purchase;
  • zero foreign transaction fee;
  • bonus miles.

These are only some of the rewards the financial institutions provide. Check with the financial institution what it can offer to your employees.

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    I’m given a salary for a US express card. Very convenient bank purely my opinion. Although many of my colleagues do not like

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