What is an Online Tutor for English?

We are located in New York in the United States of America. We are unique in our method of online English instruction. We provide both native English Speaking Tutors along with Bilingual Tutors. Students can choose as many conversation and grammar hours with their tutor’s help as they wish. This method is most effective and proven to be a guarantee for non-English speaking students to learn English. All our tutors are:

  • native English speakers
  • qualified to teach English and experienced
  • bilingual English teachers speaking your language to help you understand English instruction clearly.
  • An OnlineTutor for English is a teacher assigned to you who will contact you in person every lesson, teach you English and help you with your English language learning and problems.
  • An Online Tutor for English will provide you with an additional bilingual English teacher who will speak to you in your language (for example, in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish) to help you understand English clearly.

You will:
  • have conversation classes online
  • send written material by email
  • evaluate your progress
  • ask your tutor questions
  • improve pronunciation and vocabulary
  • improve your business English
  • improve your English for telephone conversation
  • learn specific vocabulary for your work or studies
  • prepare for a vacation in any English speaking country
  • ask for help from the bilingual tutor in your own language through email, video, and chat sessions.
You can choose to have your Tutor:
  • just for conversation either over the Internet or by telephone, have a mix of conversation, grammar, vocabulary, business English, or a particular work or school related project for which you need specific language skills.
  • If you are already a member of Online Tutor for English, you can buy Tutor Hours from the Enrolment page. If you are not a member, you can start with Monthly Membership and Tutor Hoursoptions.in the enrollment page.
  • All our tutors are native speakers. They are university graduates, many of them with qualifications in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL).
An Online Tutor for English:
  • speaks to you personally over the Internet or by telephone
  • provides you exercises and goals for your English
  • corrects your written English
    teaches you to improve your pronunciation
  • answers your email questions
  • tracks your progress
    provides a report at the end of your course
  • First, you choose the number of Tutor Hours you wish to buy in groups of 5, 10 or 20 hours. Or, if you need to try a lesson before buying a group of lessons, you can buy 1-Hour Trial Lesson to start with. See the details on the Enrollment page.
  • Working with an Online Tutor for the English Language is most easy and inexpensive way to improve your English quickly. Your Tutor will help you with spoken and written English, provide study materials, exercises and goals for the level of English you want to reach.
  • We offer low-cost but high quality tutoring, and neither language schools nor college programs can beat our affordable fees. We are located in New York in the United States of America.

1. Your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone and sound card.
2. You need to install the Microsoft Messenger or Skype internet conferencing software. See instructions to install the Microsoft Messenger and Skype sotware.If you do not have a computer that can be used to talk with your Tutor, we can arrange to provide the speaking part of your tutoring over the telephone. For this service, a small fee is added to the tutoring bill (around $5.00 per conversation hour). In this case, you will receive all your instruction materials through email.We will help you with the software you need to install on your computer for no charge after you register.


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